24K Gold Mask

  • 7oz of pure 24K Gold Powder 
  • The 24K Gold Facial Mask is first and foremost an anti-aging facial treatment mask that will increase your collagen production and make your skin smoother and firmer. 
  • This moisturizing face mask has anti-inflammatory properties, which will reduce blemishes, heal your acne scars, clean your clogged pores and minimize them.
  • The 24 K Gold Facial Mask will help you moisturize your skin and restore its elasticity once again!
  • The anti-oxidant 24 K gold formula will remove the toxins from your skin, regulate your oil production and restore your skin’s health, just like magic!
  •  Apply the gold mask on your clean, makeup–free skin and leave it for twenty minutes. Just remember to avoid the sensitive area around your eyes!Then remove the mask with water.