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Redken Curvaceous Curl Refiner For All Curl Types

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Curvaceous curl refiner for all curl types

Get the curls you've always wanted in just minutes!

Curls are great, but they sometimes require a little extra TLC. Our Curl Memory Complex with sugar crystals, moringa oil, and UV filter, Defines and primes your hair for styling. It will provide moisture, discipline, and frizz control for those less curly hair types who may need to use products to define their curls. They are essential for achieving the ultimate definition of those wavy, curly locks of yours. It will work to prime your curls before styling. So pick one up and give it a try now!

Key Benefits

Long-Lasting Hold: This unique formula contains a curl memory complex, an exclusive technology that helps curls retain moisture, coats the cuticle to smooth and reduce frizz, and provides long-lasting hold.

Moringa oil is a natural curl refiner that restores moisture to all curl types. It helps to define and elongate curls while imparting a healthy shine.
Contains sugar crystals that reactivate shape for all curl types. This formula helps to soften and detangle while boosting shine for bouncy, healthy-looking curls.
Uv Filter: This innovative product uses an Interlock Protein Network to help define and fortify curls, while UV filters protect from damaging sun rays.
-Defines and Primes
This creamy formula helps to define and prime your curls to achieve maximum volume and fullness.
-Holds Hair In Place
The combination of sugar crystals and moringa oil, as well as the UV protection provided by the SPF15, will help keep your curls in place until the next day.
-Prevents frizz
With the addition of moringa oil, this product also helps to control the frizz factor in your hair, which is very important when styling curly hair.