Amika 3D Daily Thickening Treatment


Amika 3-D Daily Thickening Treatment
Thicken Your Hair In Just Minutes A Day!

A hair routine is not complete without a good foundation. The newest member of our volume collection is the 3D daily thickening treatment! This leave-in scalp treatment, infused with Redensyl, hydrolyzed rice, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, amplifies your style and promotes the appearance of thicker, denser, and healthier-looking hair. Plus, the lightweight texture makes it the ideal first step in any volumizing routine.

Key Benefits

-Improves Hair Texture and Volume

This intensive treatment is packed with hydrolyzed rice protein and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, making this a great volumizing treatment for those who want to achieve maximum volume and texture without having to work at it too hard.

-Provides Intense Moisture

With a lightweight texture, this treatment is perfect for anyone whose hair tends to get weighed down and greasy.

-Works Great as a First Step
This treatment can be used as a leave-in, pre-wash, or follow-up treatment.
-Enriched with Redensyl
Redensyl is a revolutionary polymeric micronized cellulose fiber that causes it to trap and hold water molecules that enhance the volume and luster of hair. It also protects the hair from damage.
-Made with Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
Rice protein is a gluten-free, highly bioavailable source of protein. It is naturally hydrophilic and will attract and retain water, helping your hair to look its best.
-Non-greasy and Lightweight
This is a very lightweight, non-greasy product that will leave hair feeling soft and silky.