Heatless Curling Headband



  • Great way to avoid daily heat and damage to your hair
  • Save time: before going to bed at night, curl your hair with a curling ribbon, wrap your hair around two curling rods, fasten it with a button, and wrap it around your head; Wake up in the morning, and you can roll up natural curls without spending any extra time.
  • Convenient to use: easy to use at home or carry it when go out. Suitable for dry or wet hair use.


1.Put the curling iron on your head like a headband, you can wrap it around the top or secure it with a headband such as a ponytail, then wrap dry or slightly wet hair on the other side of the band loop and secure them with the bottom of the headband.
2.Be sure to tighten and start near the top of your head.
3. Hair that may be slightly damp during the day stay for an hour or two, or hair that is slightly damp or dry overnight.

Outside: Polyester 
Inside: Foam