Exfoliating Foot Mask




Active Ingredients:

Lactic_acid, Salicylic_acid, Glycolic_acid

Using correctly is very important, and will influence the effect of the foot mask.

1. Wash and soak your feet with warm water, then dry your feet.
2. Use the scissors to cut the seal off the foot mask package.
3. wear the foot mask, we recommended wearing a pair of normal socks outside to ensure sufficient contact with product
4. remove the mask after 35-90 minutes, then clean your feet.
5. most people start to take off dead skin after 48 hours of use, but due to different skin types, someone may need to use 2-3 pairs, please use a foot mask again 48 hours later.
6. Do not use the mask if you have an active cut or wounds.
7. we suggest you soak your feet with hot water after 48 hours of use.

Note: After using about 3 to 5 days, the old skin will gradually fall off, 5 to 7 days into this process.